How Would Jesus Teach?


A few years ago the buzz was WWJD? – What Would Jesus Do? You saw these four letters and question mark just about anywhere you went. Not only was it prominent in churches but the mainstream of our society picked up on that idea. This simple reminder did make you pause and think about what you might do if Jesus were to do the same thing.

But Jesus not only showed us a better way, He also gave us, as teachers, excellent models to follow to impact our learners. He chose not to stay in one teaching style in his ministry – neither should we. You might say we need to ask the question – HWJT? (How Would Jesus Teach?)

Here are just some examples of what He did to get his points across.

Visual – People got the point when he pointed out things they could see as he spoke at the Sermon on the Mount. (“See the lilies of the field grow”. – Matthew 6:28)

Aural – You would have been awe struck as well if you had heard Jesus begin his ministry by speaking in the synagogue by saying that the words of Isaiah have now come true. (Luke 4:18-19)

Read/Write – Wouldn’t you have wanted to know what Jesus wrote on the ground when the religious leaders brought in a lady caught in adultery? We see him write not just once but twice! Whatever the scrawled out words were, it helped change the course of the discussion with his accusers! (John 8: 6-8)

Kinesthetic – It was time to put all the learning into practice. Jesus gathers a group of over seventy followers and sends them out to do ministry. They come back excited and ready for more. The Good News is not stagnant! (Luke 10)

Your Sunday School or small group ministry can really come alive if you make sure that you use these ways to engage your learners. Not everyone in your group will be comfortable in just one style. If that is true, we can’t be cozy in our preferred method. Remember that Jesus didn’t either!

Our guest writer this week is Steve Zimmerman. Steve is the founding partner of the Barnabas Partnership based out of Danville. He and his other partners have been doing short-term ministry support activities for Baptist churches across the South since 2009. To learn more about their work, check them out at

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