Growing Mature Leaders By Bob Dale

Recently, I’ve been thinking and writing about how leaders grow in faith and maturity across their entire lifespans. How does your church prepare members for lifelong growth in faith? How does it develop rich age-specific resources, structures, and ministries to encourage maturity in leaders? How does your church provide catch-up opportunities for leaders who have fallen behind their life stage growth arcs on the faith-and-maturity curve?
Launch Decades (teens and 20s): How are you cultivating faith and maturity in leaders during their exploratory try-and-fly life stage?
o Like Samuel in 1 Samuel 1, how are you providing settings and structures for younger leaders to evaluate their callings, relationships, and career options?
o How are you guiding the transitions into “junior” adulthood and creating faith updates for launching leaders?

Hustle Decades (30s and 40s): How are you cultivating faith and maturity in leaders during their productive burning-and-turning life stage?
o Like Moses at the burning bush, how are you creating anchors and harbors for adult leaders to put down roots, choose life directions wisely, and deal with generational dynamics?
o How are you easing the entrances to full adulthood and mid-life and facilitating faith updates for hustling leaders?

Legacy Decades (50s and 60s): How are you cultivating faith and maturity in leaders during their contributory living-and-giving life stage?
o Like the heroes and heroines of Hebrews 11, how are you inviting legacy explorations about being sandwiched between generations, facing life and career deadlines, and paying back emotional and spiritual debts?
o How are you bridging empty nest and retirement transitions for leaders and guiding faith updates for legacy-stage leaders?

Wisdom Decades (70s and beyond): How are you cultivating faith and maturity in leaders during their supportive caring-and-sharing life stage?
o Like Jethro in Exodus 18, how are you using resources to expand “pay it forward” attitudes, wider-angle perspectives, and gifts of guidance from older leaders?
o How are you preparing leaders for life’s limits and offering faith updates for your church’s oldest leaders?
Leaders for Every Age and Stage
Faith and maturity are two sides of the leadership coin. How are you growing personally over your entire life? How well are you helping leaders prepare to succeed? Ready?
Bob Dale and Bill Wilson are currently finishing a book on Weaving Strong Leaders. It explores practical growth processes for developing clear theology and sturdy maturity in leaders and leadership teams. This book is due out in 2015.

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