You Were Born for This

We take our lead from Christ. . . . He keeps us in step with each other.
(Eph. 4:15, MSG)

You literally were born into relationships, created to cooperate both with the God-created universe and those in it. Living into these positive relationships is how you conceive your Faith Positive lifestyle at work as a disciple of Christ.

The key to leveraging these relationships is to become the kind of person you want to do business with as customers or clients, employees or employers, and vendors or suppliers.

Use these questions to shape yourself to increase faith with greater joy at work with positive partners whom you love:
1. What are my core values? That is, those character traits you want to exhibit in your business relationships?
Think of your core values as the spiritual drivers for how you do what you do at work. Such qualities as honesty, integrity, faith, joy, and love motivate you.
Paul sees these as the stimulus for staying in step with others at work. Others serve from their gifts, which are different than yours. The shared core values unify you in the midst of these diverse expressions of service, creating a cooperative purpose in Christ for the team.

2. What are my priorities? That is, those matters you consider most important in word and in work behavior.

Think of your priorities as the spiritual drivers for the “why” of what you do. Priorities determine who gets your attention and other resources and when. They are your strategic metrics for why you invest yourself. For example, faith is a priority for you so you invest attention in worship and small groups weekly. You attract relationships at work with others who have a similar emphasis.

By investing yourself in others according to your priorities, you encourage them. They sense the high value you place on your relationship with them and are attracted to you. Such encouragement is the relational glue that bonds you together as a team.

3. What is my unique contribution to make in the world through my work, and how do I live into it daily?
Core values are the “how” that equip. Priorities are “why” that encourage. Think of your unique contribution as “what” you do that edifies. It is driven by your core values and priorities and the manifestation of what you understand to be your created purpose.

As you work Faith Positive, you act to deliver your unique contribution and edify others. Paul sees your positive results at work serving to help others see, learn, and grow into Christ-likeness. Such edification is the spiritual wind beneath the wings of your work, creating a lift and leverage that glorifies God and drives your work with a fresh breeze of meaning and satisfaction.
You were born to work this way. Take your lead from Christ and step out in faith, joy and love with those around you.

Dr. Joey Faucette, co-author of the #1 bestseller, Faith Positive in a Negative World, leads two webinars to equip churches to disciple business leaders to increase faith with greater joy at work so they love God and others more. The Empowering Leaders Team of the BGAV provides these webinars at no cost to you.

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