Who Gets Your Attention?

Be still, and know that I am God. (Ps. 46:10, NKJV)

As a disciple of Christ who goes to work daily, most days you are in constant motion. Counter the negative world’s distractions when you put Psalm 46:10 on your makeup or shaving mirror, the dash of your vehicle, your computer’s screensaver. Make PS4610 your smartphone’s password to combat the busyness of work and focus on the business of ministering through work. This single verse is the strategic key to physically achieving your spiritual dreams.

Here’s why:

“Be still . . .”
God respects your choices. Just as with Elijah and his depression-driven cave experience, God refuses to intrude on your noisy life and instead whispers in a still, small voice into your spirit. Select a whirlwind or fiery way to work, and God seems absent. Be still enough to listen, and God shows up strategically in a whisper, letting you in on the divine plan worthy of your entire attention. Your reality redefines to a faith-driven reality, and you achieve your spiritual dreams.

“. . . and know . . .”
How do you choose which are the most important positive thoughts and positive people to give your attention? How do you know?

Knowing God’s plans drives your attention to priority positive thoughts and people. You know as you are still. Do you invest ten minutes being still in the morning and ten more in the evening remembering God’s positive work that day? That’s how you know.

You increase faith with greater joy at work so you love God and others more when you know as you’re still.

“. . . that I am God.”
The greatest impediment to achieving your spiritual dreams is confusion over who gets your entire attention: God or you.

Do you pray or worry? When you pray, God has your attention. When you worry, it’s all about you.

Do you attract positive people or Eeyore Vampires? When God has your attention, you are gifted with positive believers with whom to minister. When you only have eyes for yourself, you attract people with problems that resemble your own.

Do you imagine God wants you to join the divine mission already going on around you? Or, do you thinks it’s up to you to get it done so bend in to ego?
You choose who guides your actions: God or you.

Your choice determines your results: infinite success in faith reality or finite shortcomings of your own making.

God is God and you are not.

Who gets more of your attention at work—you or God?

Be still today, and know God is God and you are not.

As you do, you work Faith Positive in a Negative World.

Dr. Joey Faucette, co-author of the #1 bestseller, Faith Positive in a Negative World, is our guest writer this week.

Here is a great video clip about our Leadership Gathering Promo with Dr. Joey: https://vimeo.com/123689101

Dr. Joey leads our Leadership Gathering at Eagle Eyrie on May 1-2. Register for this event when you click here http://bgav.org/events/the-leadership-gathering/
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