4 Ways to Increase Communication Skills in your Teaching


The hearts of the wise make their mouths prudent, and their lips promote instruction. (Proverbs 16:23 NIV)

We communicate in many ways as we teach. Here are four ideas to help you in the process:

  1. The way you say it matters! Based on inflection and volume, you communicate different ideas and emotions. If your volume is raised, some will think you are angry or passionate about this truth. If your volume is low, they make think you are timid, reflective or having a moment of vulnerability. All can be important if used at the right time. A monotone voice will suggest you are not passionate. Change the volume for the situation as you teach.


  1. The “Why” Behind What you say Matters! Do they experience your passion and emotion as you share? Check out this video to get a glimpse of how your “Why”- context matters: http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=michael+jr+amazing+grace&view=detail&mid=E95A885D6C9F09E94C1DE95A885D6C9F09E94C1D&FORM=VIRE


  1. Your Body Language Matters! What does standing behind a podium say? You are the teacher and the expert. What does sitting in a circle say? We are all studying God’s Word together. You can learn from the class as well. If arms are folded and legs are folded, what is a person saying? I am not interested, or don’t want to talk about this subject. If they are leaning forward or showing emotion, they are engaged.


  1. Dialogue Matters! If you lecture only, persons will remember 5% of what you say. If there is a dialogue, they will remember 50%. (E-mail me at brooks@bgav.org, and I will send learning retention levels.) Discussion is better. Self-learning is best.

I look forward to seeing your responses as you communicate in different ways!

About tonystopic

Seeker and connector to the abundant life as a husband (to Katrina), father (to Tara & Joseph) and Field Strategist/Sunday School Specialist for the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.
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